Hibachi Restaurant in Rockville, MD & Bethesda, MD
With Over 250 Items on the Bar!

We Are Also A Seafood & Buffet Style Restuaurant.
There’s a new hibachi restaurant in Rockville, MD, and it is set to take the Rockville and Bethesda, MD areas by storm: Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet. Our buffet style restaurant features a delicious mix of hibachi, sushi, seafood, and other Japanese, Chinese, American, and Italian favorites. Because we are are a buffet style restaurant, we’ll be able to encourage lots of sampling and plenty of opportunities for you to try new things. If you are looking for a seafood restaurant or hibachi restaurant in the Rockville and Bethesda, MD areas, look for Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet!

– The Largest and Best Priced Buffet in the Area
– Open 365 Days a Year
– 14 Buffet Bars & Open Fire Grill
– Over 20,000 Square Feet
– Senior, Police, and Military Discounts
– Largest Selection of Sushi
= 1 Large Party Room (Please Call for Reservations) for Office Parties, Birthdays, Weddings, and More…

Our buffet style restaurant will ensure you leave with a full stomach. If you are looking to satisfy your hunger, come to Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet today!